• Developed new space architectures representing a complete re-design for a majority of the Space Force Missions: Missile Tracking, Communications, Space Control, Navigation and Timing, Ground Moving Target Indicators, ISR, and Satellite Commanding.
  • Experience developing costing assessments and building programming plans to obtain Space Force and Defense Department funding for the Space Force totaling over $22B in additional capabilities. Additional experience leading Combatant Command resourcing and requirements processes as the first J8 of US Space Command, as well as preparing Intelligence Community budget submissions.
  • Developed the most comprehensive high-fidelity models of the threats to space systems in existence. Provided numerous space threat briefings to the Appropriations, Authorizations, and Intelligence Committees of Congress as an expert witness.
  • Acquisition experience leading several major programs as the Deputy PEO for the Navy’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) and UHF Follow On (UFO), as well as several classified programs as the Communications Systems Operations and Acquisition Director at the National Reconnaissance Office.
  • Operations experience managing the largest space and ground communications network across the Intelligence Community.
  • Policy experience working through the National Security Council to delegate authorities to the Defense Department to provide for self-defense of space systems against adversary attack. Worked with the EOP and the NSC to gain approval to develop and deploy protection measures for US space systems.


  • Implemented the analytical infrastructure for the Space Warfighting and Analysis Center, to include model libraries, simulation software, on-premises cloud infrastructure, and networks at multiple classification levels.
  • Developed the first high-fidelity RPO simulator for the space community, lead the first tactics development team for space defense, and developed the first high-fidelity wargaming capability for the Space Force.
  • Led several penetration testing team efforts to find vulnerabilities in critical US network infrastructure system and developed mitigation plans to increase defensive posture.
  • Conducted several end-to-end assessments of key adversary systems to support cyber effects delivery in defense of key US objectives.
  • Experience developing threat-representative networks to support penetration and concealment testing, technique development, and training.


  • Acquisition experience as the Deputy PEO for C4I and Space, providing oversight of the over $2B annual programs within the US Navy to provide for global situational awareness, fleet self-defense, combat system networking, and intelligence collection.
  • Engineering experience developing the first globally networked Naval C4I system and successfully completing the largest operational test evolution in the history of the US Navy.
  • Successfully adapted Missile Defense sensors to support Space Situational Awareness missions, and integrated Missile Defense battle management capabilities with Space C2 systems.