Our Products

  • Assist in the development of corporate analytical capabilities to derive architectural solutions and force designs in support of US Government, Allied, or Commercial services. Recommend data, tools, networks, and talent necessary to develop robust space, cyber, or C4I system designs.
  • Review corporate business development strategies and recommend changes based on emerging opportunities, technologies, risks, or threats. Support meetings and provide briefings and/or white paper assessments that include recommendations.
  • Lead or support independent review teams to evaluate specific efforts for technical, programmatic, or analytical sufficiency.
  • Provide insight into US Government strategies driving the modernization of space, C4I and cyber capabilities. Assist in the development of USG leadership engagement strategies to advance corporate objectives.
  • Identify, recommend, or coordinate collaboration with other companies and partners across the engineering, technology, or research areas to facilitate building teams or investigating mergers or acquisitions.
  • Support contract proposal drafts and reviews by reviewing proposals and providing insights on approaches, solutions, and teaming opportunities.
  • Support activities. Meeting support as a senior space technical expert.  Efforts may include briefing materials, speeches, or on-site contribution to meeting objectives.